Richard G. Ellenbogen
M.D., F.A.C.S.

A View From Puget Sound

One of the greatest joys for the faculty, and me in particular, is in the training of our residents, who are my second family. In return, they have always been one of the principle causes for the success of the department over the past more than 60 years. In July, we will welcome three more already very accomplished, enthusiastic, new R-1s as they begin their seven years of training on a journey to become neurological surgeons, and to join their now almost 100 predecessors.

Research Professor Sean Murphy provides a peek at some of the new, often as many as 100 papers per year authored in the department, along with his comments about them.

Assistant Professor Andrew Ko discusses his participation, along with others, in the recent Neuroscience Institute Essential Tremor Symposium. Andrew expanded on recent developments in DBS, and his hope for further progress.

We also offer another staff profile, this time featuring long-time, beloved Professor of Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics, Nancy Temkin, Ph.D. Nancy was wisely hired by Art Ward, and has been invaluable to all of us in separating the truth from statistical error. She is not only one of the most renowned faculty member in our department over her decades of selfless service, she is also the most modest and generous.

Our former resident, Professor Michael M. Haglund, MD, Ph.D. from Duke University has just received the 2015 American Association of Neurological Surgeons Humanitarian Award, a source of great departmental pride. We are also proud that the 4th Annual Goodkin Lecture occurred on May 13th. James Ausman, MD, PhD and Professor of Neurosurgery at UCLA gave us his spirited and entertaining view of our discipline.

We remind you all of the upcoming Western Neurosurgical Society Meeting in Hawaii, September 10-13, and the Editor suggests Rohan’s Second Reading List, although Dr. Ramakrishna hasn’t reported back from Cornell on whether or not he has finished the first one.

Last, with enormous gratitude, we thank the much admired, kindly and wise, Clinical Professor John Howe for his years of service in helping to build and direct the Harborview Medical Center Neurohospitalist Team, and we wish him happy sailing as he retires (again).

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS
Professor & Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery

In This Issue - Summer 2015

The New R-1s 1 4th Annual Goodkin Lecture 7
The New R-1s, Continued 2 2015 AANS Humanitarian Award 8
Welcome New Faculty 3 Dr. Howe Retires - Again 9
Department Publications 4 Rohan's Second List/Announcement 10
Dr. Ko's Tremor Event 5 Puzzler 11
Faculty Feature: Nancy Temkin, PhD 6

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