One of the great joys for a Residency Program Director, and for the entire faculty as well as the current residents, is to welcome our new first year residents in to the UW. These are young people who have already distinguished themselves in college and have risen to the top of their medical school classes. All three of the new R-1s have proven that they are accomplished. Much will be asked of them over the coming seven years, but the rewards will be great for us all.

This past month, the Alvord Brain Tumor Center at UWMC opened to some fanfare. The older faculty remembers Ellsworth (Buster) Alvord (1923-2010) as a wonderful colleague, a wonderful neuropathologist, and a great civic leader. It is an honor for our department to be thus associated with the memory of this remarkable doctor and philanthropist. It is Buster’s vision and generosity that made the center a reality.

Being able to "talk the talk" is a prerequisite for success in modern medicine, but it is much more important to prove that you can "walk the walk." Three of our spectacular younger faculty members have done just that by their promotion to Full Professor at young ages. The many achievements already accomplished, the dozens of papers published, inventions patented, and the honors received by Sam Browd, Louis Kim and Pierre Mourad are a testament to their world class neurological surgery status. Kim Burchiel, a former resident here, and past Chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery at OHSU, delivered the annual Goodkin Lecture this year. Dr. Burchiel, a leading expert in pain and in Deep Brain Stimulation, discussed the future of DBS, a topic in which he is a recognized world expert. As in years past, Bob Goodkin’s wife Sandy and son Jarett were in attendance.

While there are simply not enough female neurosurgeons being trained nationwide, the women neurosurgeons in our department have spectacular talents. One of these, Assistant Professor Amy Lee, attends in pediatric neurosurgery at Children’s. Amy is a skilled surgeon and empathetic clinician, and has been a wonderful addition to the faculty. She has been the Director of the UW Neurological Surgery clerkship and runs the resident weekly didactics. Her career as a college volley ball star is a part of her CV.

We also welcomed Amy Anderson, BSN as our new Research Nurse Manager in April, 2016. She will direct us through the labyrinthine maize of compliance issue with several layers of bureaucracy. Diana Jump is our new Department Administrative coordinator, and Cory Kelley has joined the staff as research coordinator for Drs. Louis Kim and Michael Levitt. Last, Minku Chowdhary continues to Puzzle us.

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS
Professor & Chairman
Department of Neurological Surgery

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