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Welcome to the Winter 2015 issue of The Montlake Cut.
Professor Jeff Ojemann was academically reinvigorated by a sabbatical in Germany last summer and took his family to enjoy travel in Europe. In addition, R-4 Kelly Collins (who started out to be an engineer) got to spend the summer there too, working on better chronically implantable high-density microelectrode grids for use in humans, brain-machine interface applications, and pretend rubber arms that seem real.

At HMC, the staff got ready for the Ebola problems we hope never arrive, and the culture of the hospital rose to the occasion as it somehow always does. The reasons for that are many, and some of them are described in this issue.
We rediscovered one of our residents who graduated several decades ago and turned into the John Raaf Professor of Neurological Surgery at OHSU. Our department is proud to have trained Kim Burchiel, and the condensed story of his enviable career is told below.

Last month we said happy retirement but not farewell to Adele Wirch after 35 years of service at UWMC. She has occupied many roles during her tenure at UW Medicine, and it will likely take several replacements to fill her shoes. We will all miss her, and wish her well.

The Neurological Surgery and Spine Clinic at HMC has some new faces, including a new manager and director of business operations. We’ve taken time to introduce both of them, as well as all the staff in that clinic who work so hard.

A UW startup that includes Per Reinhall, Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Samuel Browd, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, and Jonathan Posner, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering are winners of the Head Health Challenge II. The grant, a collaboration between the NFL, General Electric Co. and Under Armour sports apparel company, is for further development of their innovative new football helmet design. Professors John Loeser and Gary Franklin remind us all why chronic narcotics for non-cancer chronic pain remain a chronically really bad idea, and Assistant Professor Misha Gelfenbeyn recommends a good book.

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS
Professor & Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery

In This Issue - Winter 2015

Where Are They Now? Kim J. Burchiel 1 Neurological Surgery Clinic @ 5th Floor NJB 6
World Class Innovation Combats Concussion 2 Summer In Germany 7
How (and why) Harborview Works 3 Adele Wirch Retires/Sometimes It All Works 8
Harborview Medical Center Ebola Response 4 Recommended Reading by Dr. Gelfenbeyn 9
When Not To Prescribe Narcotics 5 Puzzler 10

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