The ideas our Department celebrates most warmly is “our UW family” and their contributions to science, medicine and education. Our family extends far beyond the genetic definition of family. We include our students, residents, faculty, staff, both past and present. Our graduate and former faculty member Professor Sean Grady, now long Chair at Penn, gives us his true account of his years both in Seattle and Philadelphia, and a lovely story it is. Another true story is one of love itself, devotion, and academic success: On May 20 of this year, longtime department mainstays George and Linda Ojemann will have been married for 50 years. This issue also includes the brief biographies of our four spectacular neurosurgical practitioners at UWMC. These successful and talented women all come from diverse backgrounds, but help support a now very busy service at the University. Part of the success of that service belongs to them. Another part belongs to the gifted and inventive Christoph Hofstetter, whose lab is investigating novel methods for the treatment of the devastation of spinal cord trauma. We have included a summary of next year’s planned activities for our current R-7s who will finish in June. Charlie Nussbaum and affiliate faculty member from VM, is the new President of the WNS, and all of the residents should note their opportunity to submit papers and maybe win a free trip to that meeting next September. In case you have somehow missed learning about our enormously gifted Department Director, Jana Pettit, a brief account of her interesting life is also included in this issue.

Last, it is with a heavy heart I must report the death of our long-time department member and for several years the Interim Chairman, Professor William A. Kelly. In the next issue of this newsletter will appear the longer story of this remarkable and generous life.

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS
Professor & Chairman
Department of Neurological Surgery

In This Issue - Fall 2016

Introducing UWMC Nurse Practitioner Team 1-2 The Ojemann’s Celebrate 50 years 6
Sean Grady is Still Chair at U. Penn 3 Jana Pettit, MBA / Research 7
Hofstetter Lab - Spinal Cord Trauma 4 2017: Western Neurosurgical Society 8
What’s Up With the R7s? 5 Puzzler 9

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